12 In 1  Sudoku and Kakuro Handheld Game

12 In 1 Sudoku and Kakuro Handheld Game

Manufacture: Micro Gear
Item No: EC 10127
PPFN: 1-99/A-1
Recommended Ages: 6 & Up
Requires: 2 "AAA" Batteries (Not Included)
Shipping Weight: 12oz
Condition: New/Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

The wildly popular Sudoku and Kakuro games and 10 other games includes Nubmer Tetris/ Number Tetris II/ Number Tetris III/ Little Bees, Ancient Chinese Number Puzzle,  Five Or More, Number Mine, Number Maser Mine, Match-And-Catch, Automatic Calender, BRAINTEASER GET A NEW TWIST.

Product Features:

*Select From Over 8 Millions Puzzles For Sudoku And 2 Million Puzzles For Kakuro & Level Of Difficult

*Direct Number Key For Precise Playing

*Easy Number Key For Precise Playing

*Undo Up to 30 Moves

*Clues And Hints Function

*"Zone" Key For Fast Cursor Moving

*Saving Your Puzzle In Any One Of The Three Memories Auto Save

*Test Your Performance With The Built-In-Timer

*Challenging 3 Levels To train Brain Power

*It's Fun And Addictive

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