Aroma 8-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker

Aroma 8-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker

Manufacture: Aroma
Item No: ARC-914B
Cooks: 2-8 Cups Of Rice
Shipping Weight: 6 Pounds
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $14.74

The Aroma 8-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker features a one touch operation.   Stops cooking automatically when rice is finished.   Cooks any type of rice in minutes and keeps it warm until you're ready to eat.   Nonstick, removable inner pot makes cooking and cleaningup easy.

Product Benefits:

*One Touch Operation

*Cool Touch Body & Lid

*Removable Condensation Collector Ensures Light & Fluffy rice

*Non Stick Inner Pot

*Stops Cooking Automatically When Rice Is Finished

*Cooks Any Type Of Rice In Minutes And Keeps It Warm Until You're Ready To Eat

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