Chef's Kitchen Mate Quick Chop

Chef's Kitchen Mate Quick Chop

Manufacture: Chef's Kitchen
Item No: 573401
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

Faster than a knife.  Easier than a processor.  Tap the Quick Chop for sliced onions on burgers.  Tap again and you've got diced onions great for soups and stews.  Tap again and enjoy finely minced onions with no tears....perfect for chili.

Product Features:

*6 Carbon Steel Blades Chop Your Food Perfectly

*Easy To Use...Easy To Clean

*Fast Easy Way To Chop, Mince Slice And Dice With Just A Tap

*Wash With Hot Soapy Water Or Place In Dishwasher

*One Tap Easily Cuts Potatoes For Home Fries

*Cuts Your Kitchen Time In Half

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