Darsee & David's Effusion Fragrance Lamp

Darsee & David's Effusion Fragrance Lamp

Manufacture: Darsee & David's
Item No: 73179
Age: Adult Use Only
Shipping Weight: 3 Pound
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

How does the Darsee & David's Lamp Work?

The lamp exchange fragrance for the unwanted odors in the air.  The lamp works at approximately 1/4 the temperature of a candle.  It pulls fragrance up through the wick to the burner.  The burner releases fragrance and will saturate a room more quickly and more efficiently than other fragrance products.


*Fragrance Lamp

*Wick & Burner Assembly

*Heavy Metal Crown

*Funnel & Metal Extingushing Cap

*Note: Does not include fragrance

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