MistyMate Keepin' Cool Mist Outdoor Cooling System

MistyMate Keepin' Cool Mist Outdoor Cooling System

Manufacture: MistyMate
Item No: 200994
Product Dimensions: 10ft/Mist Line 10ft/Supply Line
Shipping Weight: 1 Pound
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

Mist systems have become very popular as an inexpensive method of keeping cool outdoors.   They work on the same principle as evaporative coolers that release water into the air.  Mist systems are more effective than evaporative coolers for outdoor use because they release more water into the air.

Product Features:

*Cools Outdoor Temperatures Up To 25 Degrees

*Flexible 1/4" Diameter Tubing

*Completely Assembled.  Ready To Use

*Low Water Use.   1/2 Gallon To 1 Gallon Of Water Per Hour Per Nozzle, Depending On Water Pressure

*System Hook Together To Cool Larger Areas

*Many Uses: Patios, Garages, Umbrellas, Lounge Chairs, RV's, Mobile Homes, Children's Play Equipment And Much More

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