Thomas & Friends: Spills & Chills / New Friends For Thomas

Thomas & Friends: Spills & Chills / New Friends For Thomas

Manufacture: Lionsgate
Item No: 104860
PPFN: G-12/02
Rated: Not Rated
Running Time: Approx: 72 Min.
Format: Full Size
Shipping Weight: 12oz
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New Friends For Thomas:

It's so busy on the island of Sodor that Sir Topham Hatt needs to bring in some new engines to keep the railways running smoothly.    There is Spencer, the fastest express engine the Island has ever seen.  Meet Emily, the sleek green engine with the beautiful brass dome; and new friend Arthur, whose spotless record gets ruined when Thomas plays a trick on him.   Don't forget cheerful tractor Jack and all his construction crew friends.  Join Thomas and his new friends for trainloads of discovery and fun.

Spills & Chills:

Next Stop: Excitment!   Daily life on the Island of Sodor is always full of adventure for Thomas and his friends.  Watch what happens when a loose boulder spells near disaster for Rusty and Percy.  Join Thomas as he rushes to save Sir Topham Hatt's vacation, and help lead a lost Stepney back to safety.  Full steam  ahead for "edge of your seat excitement!"

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