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Aleken Games Rock & Roll Triviologies

Aleken Games Rock & Roll Triviologies

Manufacture: Aleken Games
Item No: 93943
Ages: 14+
Players: 2 To 4 Teams
Time: 1 -2 Hours
Shipping Weight: 5 Pounds
Condition: New/Sealed Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $11.74

Let Rock and Roll Triviologies take you down a path where music, trivia, memories and emotions meet.   Explore the different decades of Rock and Pop music, the artists, and their relationships, different music venues and a vast treasure of music trivia.

Show your Rock  and Roll IQ by correctly answering Rock and Pop music trivia questions and BUILD YOUR OWN BAND!

Let your "Ticket to Roll" help you climb to the to of the music world.  SHARE THE PATH of Rock and Roll music, its' memories and emotions with your family and friends.   It's time to Rock and Roll!

Featuring Music Trivia From The 50's To The Present Including:

*Classic And Modern Rock

*Top 40 Pop

*Southern Rock

*Surf Sounds


*Heavy Metal



*Soul And Funk

*RAP And Funk


*Country Crossover Artists

*Soundtracks And Music Videos

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