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Belkin Wireless Modem Jack - F8V1027

Belkin Wireless Modem Jack - F8V1027

Manufacture: Belkin
Item No: F8V1027
PPFN: 5-99/G-12
Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.9 x 2.7
Works With:  Internet TV, Satellite TV, DIRECTV, Or TiVo
Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds
Condition: New/Sealed Item
Shipping & Handling: $11.74

The Belkin Wireless Modem Jack offers the highest quality construction and advanced technologies to ensure the consistent, high performance of your equipment.  Surf the Internet easily, using any existing AC outlet as a phone jack for your Internet modem.

Product Benefits:

*Use Your AC Outlet To Add An Internet Modem Connection

*Enables Sending/Receiving Of Data And Faxes

*Compatible With Up To 56 K Modems And Caller ID

*Works With Internet TV, Satellite TV, DIRECT TV, Or TiVo

Compatible With:

*Internal Or External Modems

*TV Internet Boxes

*Fax Machines

*PCs And Macintosh Computers

Package Includes:

*Base Unit

*Extension Unit

*6 ft. Phone Cord

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