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Catch-A-Call Telephone Sharing Device For Phone, Fax, & Internet

Catch-A-Call Telephone Sharing Device For Phone, Fax, & Internet

Manufacture: International Electronics, Inc
Item No: RS 43-2220
Product Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 4
Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds
Condition: New
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

Receive calls and faxes while online!  Compatible with any computer or browser.  Caller ID compatible.   Catch a call eliminates the need for additional lines at home or office.  Get PHONE CALLS and Faxes while on-line, using the same existing line.

Product Benefits:

*Easy And Goof Proof!  No Need To Tear Your Computer Apart

*Works With ANY Telephone System.  Standard Phone And/Or Fax

*Connect To Your Phone, FAX, And Wall Jack, And Go!

*Rings When A Call (Or Fax) Is Incoming

*Requires No Software Installation

*Works With All Computers, Including IBM And MAC And With Any Operating System

*Will Not Affect The Computer Speed

*Caller ID Compatible.  Allows You To See Who Is Calling (Requires Optional Call Waiting ID Device And Call Waiting ID Service From You Local Phone Company)


With Catch-A-Call, you always know when someone is trying to call.  Catch-A-Call uses the call waiting service available through your local phone company.  While online, Catch-A-Call detects the call waiting signal and rings just like a phone.  To answer the call, simply pick up the telephone handset, Catch-A-Call will automatically put the computer and ISP on hold for 10 - 30 seconds.  When finished, simply hang up.  

Catch-A-Call will reconnect to the ISP  if the connection was not interrupted.  If the connection was disconnected, simply click REFRESH or RELOAD on your browser screen to reconnect.   

With an optional Call Waiting ID device and Call Waiting ID Service from you local telephone company, you can identify a caller while on the internet.  Catch-A-Call is also Voice Mail compatible, so if you decide not to answer, the call will still be answered by the voice mail system

Requires Call Waiting Service To Operate

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