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Corgi Heroes Under Fire Cast Scale - Firefighter

Corgi Heroes Under Fire Cast Scale - Firefighter

Manufacture: Corgi
Item No: 1380
PPBN: 2-99/A-8
Material:  1:32 Scale:  (Metal Figure)
Shipping Weight:  1 Pound
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $7.81

Corgi presents HEROES UNDER FIRE limited edition 1:32 scale metal figures.    FIREFIGHTERS IN HISTORY CHICAGO FIRE DEPARTMENT, 2005

Firefighters of today are dressed for rescue as well as fighting the flames.   Heat resistant materials and efficient air supply added to a century of advancements in boots and outer wear, allowing a firefighter more time to affect a rescue, or fight the fire from within the building.    The helmet is now a space aged plastic style, designed not to get caught onto any obstacles.   Gloves and bunker pants are now standard.  With complete grab, the firefighter can withstand more heat for a longer period of time and be more effective against the mortal enemy, fire.


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