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CSI: 750 Piece Mystery Puzzle

CSI: 750 Piece Mystery Puzzle

Manufacture: Warren Industries
Item No: 97373
PPFN: G-12/03/KTCN
Recommended Ages: 13 & Up
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
Condition: New
Shipping & Handling: $7.81

You are the sleuth who must solve this mystery by NY Times best selling author Max Allen Collins.  Start by reading the short story to uncover the clues.

The Case:  Luck is not in the cards for high stakes gambler Victor Simpson.  When he falls over dead at the blackjack table with three million dollars at steak, is it a heart attack or murder?   Your CSI team is called in to solve the mystery.  

The clues are all there, but some are easier to find than others.  Use your sleuthing skills and investigative tool to answer the question:  If the pressure of the game didn't kill Victor, who did?  And how could someone commit the crime in plain view of everyone?

Product Features:

*12 Page Booklet Included

*Includes An Ultraviolet Flashlight To Uncover Hidden Clues

*750 Pieces

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