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Fat Chance Game The Game Winner Loses All!

Fat Chance Game The Game Winner Loses All!

Manufacture: Gamewich
Item No: 10421
PPFN: 1-99
Recommended Ages: 16 To Adult
Number Of Players: 2 To 6 Players or Teams
Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
Condition: New/Sealed Damaged Shrink Wrap
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

If you live and breathe, chances are you've tried to shed a few pounds.  After all, it's our American obsession.  Now, the agony and exhilaration of the weight loss journey is captured in FAT CHANCE...the only game in which the winner loses all

The Object of the game:
To  lose the lard!  It's that simple.... and that difficult.   Each player starts with 20 unwanted pounds of lard and the goal is to lose them.   Trust us, you'll have a lot more laughs losing those perky pounds playing FAT CHANCE than  you've ever had starving and sweating.   You might even learn a thing or two.

What's Inside The Box:

*One Playing Board

*400 Question And Answer Cards (2000 Questions)

*125 "Lard Pound" Plastic Pieces (The Game's Currency)

*50 "Psychic Bonbons" Cards

*2 Dice, 1 Custom Cube, 6 Player Pawns

*One "Lard Card" Score Saver


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