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First Words Pitcture Puzzle 3 Pack Puzzles Set

First Words Pitcture Puzzle 3 Pack Puzzles Set

Manufacture: SpiceBox
Item No: 1-896639-97-6
Actual Package Size: 8" x 14" x 2"
Age: 2 To 5 Years
Contains A  Total Of: 78 Jigsaw Puzzles
Puzzles Features: Glossy Finish Color Illustration
Shipping Weight: 3 Pound
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

These learning picture puzzle sets are both educational and fun for young children.  Your child learns three different topics including My House, Animals, and Simple Words with bright illustrated picture puzzles. 

As children match pictures, they develop language usage skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory.  By associating concepts, words and pictures, children grow to know.

Set Includes:

*My House Puzzle:  Each Puzzle Features Items From Around The House.  Using The Puzzle As A Guide, Your Child Can Practice Saying The Words.  Find Objects From Around The House, And Discuss How They Are Used

*Animals Puzzle: The Fun, Cheerful Characters Are Sure To Be A Favorite With Your Child.  Discuss Where The Animals Live, What Sounds They Make, Or Which One Your Child Would Enjoy Having As A Pet

*Simple Words Puzzle: These Puzzles Feature Basic Words To Help Expand Your Child's Vocabulary And Familiarize Them With Objects Found In Their Daily Enviroment.  These Puzzles Will Inspire Lively Discussions Between You And Your Children About Everyday Language

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