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Imak Keyboard Wrist Cushion - A10161 Gray

Imak Keyboard Wrist Cushion - A10161 Gray

Manufacture: Imak 
Item No: A10161
PPFN: PPFN: 6-99/A4-01
Color: Gray
Shipping Weight: 1 pound
Condition: New
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

The IMAK Wrist Cushion for Keyboard is filled with massaging ergoBeads, making for the most comfortable ergonomic wrist support available.   The smooth plastic beads gently support and massage your hands and wrists.   ergoBeads are squeezable and fun!

Product Benefits:

*Designed By Orthopedic Surgeon

*Hugs Any Keyboard

*Hand Wash, Cool Water.  Dry On Towel

*Made Of Cotton Blend Fabric That Is Breathable And Cool

*Squeezable And Fun

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