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Missing Piece Mystery 750 Pieces Puzzle - Cursed Cargo - 97371

Missing Piece Mystery 750 Pieces Puzzle - Cursed Cargo - 97371

Manufacture: Warren Industries
Item No: 97371
Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 3.2
Age: 12+
Shipping Weight: 1 Pound
Condition: New/Sealed Item
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

Jungle heat and deadly snakes are not enough to stop a game of enterprising graduate students and their professor on their quest for history in the Yucatan Peninsula.  But a Mayan curse stops the expedition in its tracks when one of the students turns up dead.   With no obvious cause of death, Lieutenant Timinez of the Federal Police must determine if a fellow explorer or an ancient curse caused this untimely death!

The Story:
Read the short mystery story in the enclosed 12-page Mystery Story Booklet

The puzzle:
Assemble the 18 1/2" x 26 3/4" 750 piece jigsaw puzzle.   The mystery puzzle image is different from the box cover image.  The puzzle reveals the clues you need to solve the mystery story.

The solution
When you're certain you've solved the mystery, read the solution on the back of the story booklet.  It is printed in reverse type just hold the booklet up to a mirror to see if you're right

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