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My First CD-ROM Preschool

My First CD-ROM Preschool

Manufacture: DK
Item No: 053869
For Ages: 3-5
Shipping Weight: 12oz
Condition New/Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

Lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning with these fundamental skill-building activities that give your child the best possible start in life!

Features Number Munch: As numbers slide across the screen, preschoolers help a frog catch them with his tongue. Kids quickly learn number recognition, cause and effect, and more.

System Requirements:

*Windows: 95/98

*CPU Pentium: 75MHz

*RAM:  12Mb for Windows 95/ 16Mb for Windows 98

*Screen Display:  640 x 480 Pixels, 256 Colors

*CD-ROM Speed:  Quad-Speed

*Available Space On Hard Drive: 10Mb

*Audio: 8-Bit Sound Card

*Other: Loudspeakers or headphones, Mouse

System Requirements MACINTOSH:

*Operating System: System 7.5.3+

*CPU: PowerPC 100MHz

*RAM: 16Mb

*Screen Display: 640 x 480 Pixels.  256 Colors

*CD-ROM Speed: Quad-Speed

*Available Space On Hard Drive: 10Mb

*Audio: 8-Bit

*Other: Loudspeaker Or Headphones, Mouse

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