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My Perfect Guy Talking 5 x 7 Picture Frame

My Perfect Guy Talking 5 x 7 Picture Frame

Manufacture: Innovage, Inc
Item No: 302385
Requires: 2 "AA" Batteries (Not Included)
Shipping Weight: 1 Pound
Condition: New/Open Damaged  Box
Shipping & Handling: $7.81

This stylish photo frame speaks one of 10 caring (and hilarious) phrases, giving your partner the communication skills you've always wished for.  Holds any standard 5" x 7" photograph.   Decorative frame compliments any decor. 

Includes the following phrases:

*"Don't Worry About It Honey, That's Why We Have Credit Cards!"

*"Don't You Even Think About Rushing, You Just Finish Shopping And I'll Be Fine Over Here"

*"You Shouldn't Be Cleaning That.   Let's Hire A Maid!"

*"That Diamond Is Just Not Big Enough For You"

*"I Can Watch Football Any Time; I'd Rather Take You Shopping"

*"No, You Take The Remote.  Anything You Want To Watch Is OK With Me"

*"Everything Looks Great On You  Honey; Just Buy Them Both!"

*"I Would Love To Watch That Chick Flick With You; I'll Bring The Kleenex"

*"Sweetheart, I Think You Need Some More Jewelery"

*"Honey, Is It OK If I Make Dinner Tonight

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