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Pasta Express Cooks Perfect Pasta Everytime

Pasta Express Cooks Perfect Pasta Everytime

Manufacture: Tristar Products, Inc
Item No: 783662
Shipping Weight: 3 Pounds
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

Pasta Express Cooks up to 1 Ib. of pasta!  The thermal lid keeps the water the perfect temperature for perfect cooking everytime!  Even cooks vegetables with the self-straining lid just cook, strain and drain!

Also great for Shrimp, Ravioli, Hot Dogs, Carrots, Peas, and much more!

Product Features:

*No Dangerous Spill Overs

*No Messy Splashes

*Light Weight


*Dishwasher Safe

*Bonus: Includes Heat Insulation Wrap For Straining And Transport And Receipe Book

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