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Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Treasure Hunt Game

Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Treasure Hunt Game

Manufacture: Imagination
Item No: 002535
Recommended Age: 6 & Up
For Players: 2+
Shipping Weight: 3 Pounds
Condition: New/Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

Have you the stomach to battle other pirates and steal their hard earned botty, or will you put your wits and all your luck against the DVD?   Will you use your Fortune Cards wisely, or will you fritter  them away and if you're cursed with the dreaded Black Spot will you fight to survive, or will you give up the ghost?

Can you steer clear of jail, survive the fog, avoid being marooned, and be the first pirate to bury your treasure at X Marks the Spot and win the game?

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