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Rayovac Renewal Power Station - PS2

Rayovac Renewal Power Station - PS2

Manufacture: Rayovac
Item No: PS2
PPFN: 9-99/A-4/02
Charges: D, C, AA Or AAA
Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds
Condition: New/Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

Your RENEWAL Power Station is NO ORDINARY BATTERY CHARGER.   Computer microship technology makes it EASY TO USE.  It monitors and charges each RENEWAL battery individually to maximize performance on every charge.

With your RENEWAL Power Station you can reuse your RENEWAL batteries 25 TIMES OR MORE.  You save enough during the life of just one pack of RENEWAL batteries to cover the cost of the Power Station.

Product Benefits:

*Convenient Charging Lights Tell You When Your RENEWAL Batteries Are Inserted Correctly And Taking A Charge

*AAA, And AA Batteries CHARGE IN 3 - 5 HOURS; C And D Batteries Will Charge Overnight

*Saves Money/Easy To Use

*Longer Life Per Charge Than Any Other Rechargeable

*Charges Up To 8 At A Time

*Note: RENEWAL POWER STATION MUST BE USED ONLY WITH RENEWAL REUSABLE ALKALINE BATTERIES.   Any other battery may become hot, leak, or rupture causing personal injury

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