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Regent BOCCE Lawn Bowling - 64100

Regent BOCCE Lawn Bowling - 64100

Manufacture: Regent 

Item No: 64100

Shipping Weight: 9 Pounds

Condition: New/Open Damaged Box

Shipping & Handling: $14.74

Bocce is played with 8 large bowling balls called Bocce balls and one smaller target ball or pallino. The object of the game is to roll your bocce balls closer to the pallino than your opponent.   

Product Benefits:

*Dynamically Balanced Wood Composition Balls With Acrylic Finish

*Carry Net Included

*Playing Rules

*Court Layout


*Eight 100mm (4" DIAM.) Balls, 540 Grams Each (2 Orange/ 2 Blue/ 2 Green/ 2 Yellow)

*One 36mm (15/8" DIAM.) Yellow "Jack"

*Playing Rules

*Court Layout

*Carry Net

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