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Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Children's Remote Control

Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Children's Remote Control

Manufacture: Sony
Item No: RM-KZ1
PPFN: 2-99
Requires: 2 "AA" Batteries (Not Included)
Shipping Weight: 12oz
Condition: New/Sealed Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

The Sony Universal Children's Remote Control includes 7 programmable favorite channel buttons with worry free parental control.   Parents can assign up to 7 approved channels while the kids take control of the remote.

Product Benefits:

*Programs Up To 7 Of Your Children's Favorite Channels

*Splash Resistant (IEC 60529 IPX4) Featuring Easy To Clean Protection Against Liquids And Accidental Spills

*"Ultra 3x Remote Signal" Function For A Wider Angel Transmission So Children Can Operate The Remote Even Without Pointing Directly At The TV/Cable/Satellite Box

*Easy Programming For Parents With Hidden Buttons For Setting Up Children's Favorite Channels

*Volume Up/Down Limit Feature To Prevent Children From Raising The TV Volume Too High


*Acer                  *LG                       *SVA
*Action               *LXI                      *Sylvania
*Admiral             *MAG                    *Symphonic
*Akai                  *Magnavox           *Syntax
*Akira                 *Marantz               *Tatung
*AOC                 *Matsushita           *TCL
*Apex Digital     *Maxent                *Technics
*Aventura          *Memorex             *Techwood
*Bell & Howell   *MGA                     *Teknika
*BPL                   *Midland                *Telefunken
*Broksonic         *Mitsubishi            *Toshiba
*Carver               *NAD                     *TVS
*Celebrity           *NEC                      *Venturer
*Coby                  *NetTV                  *Videocon
*Commercial Solutions  *Norcent    *Vidikron
*Crosley               *Olevia                  *Viewsonic
*Curtis                  *Onida                   *Viore
*Curtis Mathes     *Optimus               *Vizio
*Daewoo              *Orion                    *VU
*Digital Lifestyles   *Panasonic          *Wards
*Duraband            *PARK                    *Waycon
*Dynex                  *Penny                   *Westinghouse
*Electroband        *Petters                  *White Westinghouse
*Electrograph       *Philco                    *Wyse
*Electrohome       *Philips                    *Zenith
*Elektra                 *Pioneer
*Element               *Polaroid
*Emerson              *Portland
*Emprex                *Prism
*Envision               *Proscan
*ESA                      *Proview
*Fisher                   *Quasar
*Funai                    *Radioshack
*Gateway               *RCA
*GE                         *Realistic
*GFM                      *Sampo
*Haier                     *Samsung
*Harmon/Kardon   *Sansui
*Hisense                 *Sanyo
*Hitachi                   *Sceptre
*iLo                          *Scott
*Infinity                    *Sears
*Insignia                  *Sharp
*JBL                         *Sony
*JCB                         *Spectroniq
*JVC                         *Squareview
*KDS                         *Superscan
*Kolin                        *Supreme


*Airtel                               *HTS                                          *RCA
*Astro                               *Hughes Network Sytems       *Samsung
*Bell ExpressVu               *Indovision                                *SKY
*Direct TV                        *JVC                                           *SKY Brazil
*Dish Network                 *Mitsubishi                                  *SKY Mexico
*Dishpro                           *NET                                            *Telefonica
*EchoStar                         *Net Brazil                                   *Tivo
*Expressvu                       *Pace                                           *Toshiba
*GE                                   *Philips                                         *Zenith
*GOI                                  *Proscan


*ADB                                    *Motorola
*Bright House                      *NET
*Cable One                          *Pace
*Cablevision                        *Panasonic
*Charter                               *Philips
*Cisco                                  *Pioneer
*Comcast                             *Rogers
*Cox                                     *Scientific Atlanta
*Diego                                  *Shaw
*Director                               *Sony
*General Instrument            *StarHub
*Insight                                 *Suddenlink
*Jerrold                                 *Time Warner
*Knology                               *Tivo
*Mediacom                           *US Electronics

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