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Sudoku Number Puzzle Game

Sudoku Number Puzzle Game

Manufacture: Imagination
Item No: SDK549
Ages: 8+
Players: 3 Or More
Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds
Condition: New/Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

Put your family and friends to the Sudoku test with the board game based on the number solving puzzle.  There's no math involved, you solve the puzzles with reasoning and logic.   It's fun, challenging and very addictive!

Players take turns placing numbered tiles onto the game board.  Every time a player places a number tile correctly, they score points.   If that number tile happens to complete a row or column they also score extra bonus points   And if they manage to complete a box or the whole Sudoku puzzle, then they've really hit the points jackpot.

With the special Box Reveal Dice and three different levels of puzzles (easy, medium and hard) anyone can play Sudoku and win the game!

*Includes Over 150 Puzzles


* (1) Playing Board

*(81) Sudoku Tiles

*(32) Page Puzzle Books

*(1) Box Reveal Dice

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