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Sudoku Sensations Game - 44274

Sudoku Sensations Game - 44274

Manufacture: Hasbro
Item No: 44274
PPFN: 1-99/A-1
Age: Adult
Players: 1 - 4
Shipping Weight: 2 Pounds
Condition: New/Sealed
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

Sudoku Sensations is an exciting new variation on the addictive Japanese puzzle phenomenon that has swept the USA. Players complete a partially filled number grid so that each column, row and square includes the numbers 1 to 9, but only once each. Now you can play Sudoku with your family and friends for the ultimate challenge.

Product Benefits:

*6 Levels To Master

*2 Styles Of Play

^Battle Your Friends And Family

*Play A Speed Game Or A Points Contest


*100 Puzzles

*4 Pencils

*Clues & Solutions Booklet


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