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Super Geoscope 50x All Weather Scope

Super Geoscope 50x All Weather Scope

Manufacture: Super Science
Item No: 0944
Recommended Ages: 6 & Up
Requires: 1 "AA" Battery (Not Included)
Shipping Weight: 3 Pounds
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $10.19

Super Geoscope 50x All Weather Scope is the first completely portable microscope designed so kids can take it anywhere.... even underwater!   Precision 50X glass optics provide a clear, wide-angle view of nature up-close.

Product Features:

*Soft Rubber Eye Cup Proctects The Eye And Keeps Light Out

*Advanced Ergonomic Design. Easy To Hold In Any Position

*Durable Plastic Construction. Heavy Duty Plastic For Even The Roughest Explorer

*On/Off Switch/Battery Cap.  Simple Push Button Design

*Patented Water Resistant Case With Rubber o-Ring Seals And Protective "Diving Mask" Lens

*Built-In High Intensity Light Directs A Focused Beam Onto Viewing Zone

*Prism Stage Unique Clear Design Directs Outside Light Upward

*Stage Clips Hold Specimen Slides In Place

*Focus Knob Ergonomic Design For Fast, Easy Focusing

*Detachable Base Keeps GeoScope Rock Steady For Table Top Use......GeoScope Detaches For Hand Held Use

*Storage Drawer For Slides And Accessories

*Water Dropper For Aquatic Specimens

*Forceps For Transferring Specimens

*Non Slip Rubber Foot Pads Keeps GeoScope In Place

*Acrylic Specimen Slides Flat Side For Most Small Specimens......Concave Side For Aquatic Specimen

*3 In 1 Microscope

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