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Ultimotion Swing Zone Sports Motion Controller Video Game

Ultimotion Swing Zone Sports Motion Controller Video Game

Manufacture: JakksPacific
Item No: 61052
PPFN: 9-99/A-UPT
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 13.6 x 17
Requires: 4 "AA" & 2 "AAA" Batteries (Not Included)
Recommended Ages: 5 & Up
Shipping Weight: 3 Pounds
Condition: New/Open Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $11.74

Turn your living room into a coliseum of sport and spectacle with UltiMotion Swing Zone Sports!  Choose one of five sports games and take control of all the action with your wireless motion controller!   Get a grip with the snap-on sports accessories to really step up your game.   No tangled wires and no extra software or cartridges needed... play on, player!

Product Features:

*wireless Motion Controlled

*Choose One Of Five Sports Games (Baseball, Football,Tennis, Golf, Bowling)

*No Wires, Software Or Cartridges Needed

*Simple Plug N' Play Feature

*Your Moves Control The Game

*Get Into The Game With Snap-On Accessories (Included)

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