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WordLock Quik Release Bike Lock, 12mm 6 FT Blue (CL-663-BL-WM)

WordLock Quik Release Bike Lock, 12mm 6 FT Blue (CL-663-BL-WM)

Manufacture: WordLock
Item No: CL-663-WM
Product Dimensions Assembled: 1.95 x 5.00 x 7.99
Shipping Weight: 1 Pound
Condition: New/Sealed Damaged Box
Shipping & Handling: $5.99

The cable lock provides maximum security against theft by using a heavy duty, braided, stainless steel cable along with a clever, word-based combination locking system.   With 10,000 possible letter combinations, you can choose a four-letter word that's easy for adults and kids to remember, and is more secure than a key lock.

Product Benefits:

*All Weather, Color Vinyl Coating

*Rated 585-Pound Pull Strength

*Heavy-Duty Braided Stainless Steel Cable

*10,000 Possible Letter Combinations

*One Handed Operation

*Easy Cable Release With The Push Of A Button

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